Our Team
Eugene, Founder and CEO
Sergey, Chief Technology Officer
👋 Meet Sergey, our Chief Technical Officer and the wizard behind all the tech magic at our company! From engineering the major processes to data exchange and storage to synchronization, Sergey has built the foundation that allows all of our 1000+ client projects to run smoothly 👌. He controls everything that makes it possible. We deffo couldn't do it without him! Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Sergey! 🤩
Oxana, Chief Growth Officer
Hello, foodie friends! 👋 I'm a proud lisboeta and Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Umbi Space, a company that provides website builders for restaurants. My job is to help restaurants simplify their operations by creating sites that show their menus 🍽️ and venues 🤩 in the most effective way.

I believe that good food and good tech can go hand in hand, which is why I'm passionate about using technology to help restaurants connect with their customers online.
Alexandra, Art Director
Meet Alexandra, our talented Art Director who is responsible for all the beauty you see on our clients' websites and visual life of Umbi Space. With her keen eye for design and attention to detail, she transforms every project into a real masterpiece. Alexandra's motto is - "It all begins with an idea" and we agree 💭🎨
Victor, UX/UI designer
👋 Say hello to Victor, our amazing UX/UI designer! He's the guy who makes all the buttons, screens, and navigation on websites look and feel sleek. With his creative talent, Victor has designed 1000+ beautiful interfaces that make our clients' sites shine 🤩
Yuriy, Frontend Developer
Yuriy is our Frontend Guru 🏆 With his expert eye for coding prowess, Yuriy has created over 200 (!) amazing blocks that our clients use to build their websites. Yuriy's work is always professional and top-notch🤩🚀
Eugene, Frontend Developer
Meet Eugene, our Frontend Jedi!🥷 Right, not all superheroes wear capes, and not all frontend engineers wear hoodies 😁

With his mastery of all things interface-related, Eugene works tirelessly to ensure that our clients' websites look and work amazing. His expertise in frontend development is truly second to none, and we're lucky to have him on our team 🤩