Step-by-step plan for implementing Umbi Space in your restaurant
Setting up Umbi Space can take 1-20 days and can be done either by yourself or delegated to designers and marketers
Umbi Space allows new restaurants to quickly launch a fully customized website, complete with online ordering, marketing tools, operational solutions, and more. A strong start is crucial for success, and Umbi Space helps ensure that your restaurant gets off to the best possible start.
Key functions of Umbi Space that can be used together or selectively
Restaurant website
Elevate your online presence with the ultimate restaurant AI-powered website builder
Delivery & Takeaway order
Boost your bottom line with commission-free ordering directly on your website
Dine-in order & pay
Provide to your customers a hassle-free dining experience with easy ordering and payment
Contactless menu
Convenient QR menu for establishments, which helps to increase sales and staff efficiency
Reviews management
Collect customer feedback on dine-in and delivery, use it to improve restaurant service and resolve issues
Step 1: Decide whether to configure Umbi Space yourself or delegate the task to a design team
You can set up Umbi Space yourself: programming skills are not necessary for this, and a friendly support service will answer all your questions.
You can delegate the setup of Umbi Space to designers and marketers. They can be either Umbi Space employees or freelancers.

Step 2: Sign up for Umbi Space

Sign up for Umbi Space and take advantage of the 14-day free trial period to test the software and its features. You can choose the subscription plan that best fits your restaurant's needs and budget. The pricing for Umbi Space's plans ranges from $68 to $238 per month, depending on the plan you select

In addition to the free trial period, Umbi Space also offers qualifying restaurants up to 2 years of free access to its software.

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Step 3: Connect your domain name
Your domain, your rules. Connect your own domain name to ensure all marketing efforts promote your online ordering system under your own brand. Let Umbi Space guide you through the process of choosing, purchasing, and connecting your domain name to your online ordering system, making it easy to establish a consistent and recognizable brand identity.
Step 4: Upload your restaurant's menu
Using Umbi Space's user-friendly menu editor, you can upload your restaurant's menu and add menu items, photos, descriptions, and prices. Additionally, you can include take-off and add-on ingredients for each item.
Step 5: Set up contactless menu
After uploading the menu items, Umbi Space will automatically create a contactless menu that can be customized as needed. The only remaining step is to print the QR codes and display them throughout the restaurant.
The contactless menu can be utilized alongside the traditional printed menu. Allow customers to decide which option is most convenient for them.
On their smartphones, visitors will be able to view not just the names and prices of dishes, but also comprehensive descriptions that include information on ingredients and potential allergens.
Step 6: Create a Restaurant Website
At Umbi Space, we offer templates for all the essential pages your restaurant website needs: home, contacts, catering, franchising, and event description templates. These templates are easily adaptable to your brand's style, and the information can be effortlessly updated using our user-friendly editor.
Design customization is a breeze with our design panel: no programming, HTML, or other technical skills required. Everything is intuitive and user-friendly.
With Umbi Space, there's no need to configure each website element individually. Instead, you define a design system that is automatically applied to all elements across your site.
The built-in blogging feature allows you to keep your restaurant's customers informed about the latest events, providing the ability to share links from your social media accounts to your blog posts.
The video block feature helps convey your restaurant's atmosphere and share its unique story.
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